Say Goodbye to Awkward!

Hey lovebirds! Let's talk couple photos! We all know that capturing that genuine, romantic spark in a couple's portrait can sometimes feel...well, awkward. Forced smiles, stiff poses, and the dreaded "what do I do with my hands?" syndrome – it can be enough to make anyone blush. But fear not! Today, Bunny Photography is here to spill the beans on 20 effortless poses that'll banish awkwardness and leave you with stunning, cuddle-worthy photos that scream "couple goals!" Get ready to ditch the cheese, embrace your love story, and click like a pro!

1. Caught in the Rain

Channel your inner rom-com couple with this playful pose! Run together, arms around each other, like you're caught in a sudden downpour. (Bonus points for actual rain!)

2. The Fairytale Spin

Sweep your partner off their feet with a twirling pose that oozes romance. Spin them quickly for a dramatic feel, or slow it down for a more intimate moment.

3. The Kiss with a Fist

Get super close for this sweet and intimate pose. Hold your partner's closed fist and lean in for a kiss. This works especially well for showcasing a special ring!

4. The Walk

This is my go-to "icebreaker" pose for every couple. Hold hands and walk naturally, like you're just enjoying a stroll together. This creates relaxed, candid photos that capture your genuine connection.

5. Looking into the Distance

Cuddle close, gaze off into the distance, and get lost in the sunset. This is a great starter pose for shy couples who want beautiful photos without feeling overly exposed. It's also perfect for framing!

6. Getting Cozy

Straddle your seated partner with your hands on their shoulders and lean in close. These photos are always super sweet and a great way to add a touch of intimacy.

7. Pop the Bubbly!

This isn't exactly a pose, but it's a fantastic activity for photos! Popping a bottle of bubbly creates a celebratory atmosphere and gives you something to do naturally. Pro tip: Bring glasses for some fun "cheers" photos too!

8. The Forehead Kiss

A simple yet oh-so-sweet pose! Get close and kiss your partner on the forehead. It's intimate and guaranteed to capture your tenderness.

9. Runaway Love

Capture some joyful movement and laughter with this playful pose! Have one partner chase the other – at a pace that feels comfortable, of course! For dress-wearers, a quick hold of the skirt adds a touch of whimsy (and avoids wardrobe malfunctions!).

10. Kitchen Disco

Unleash your inner dancer! This is a fantastic way to let loose and showcase your personality. Imagine dancing around the kitchen on a Sunday morning – that's the energy we're aiming for! Pro Tip: For an extra dose of fun, bring a mini bluetooth speaker to set the mood.

11. Charcuterie Cheers

Not all poses have to be…well, poses! Incorporating activities like sharing a charcuterie board adds a touch of real-life charm to your photos. Imagine a cute picnic setting, complete with delicious food and laughter. Yum!

12. The Embrace

A simple yet powerful pose. Hold your partner close and share a loving kiss. Focus on holding the kiss for a few moments to ensure the photographer captures that perfect shot. Bonus points for a gentle touch on the face!

13. The Lift

This pose creates a stunning, fairytale-like image, especially for weddings with flowing gowns. Kiss your partner, then lean back and pick them up! Safety first! Make sure you're both comfortable with this pose before attempting it.

14. Kitchen Cuddles

For a sweet and intimate pose, have one partner sit on the counter while the other holds them from behind. This is perfect for a casual, at-home couples session.

15. The Slow Kiss

Get super close to your partner and oh so slowly lean in for a kiss. This creates beautiful close-up shots brimming with romance.

16. Walking Away

Similar to the "walk" pose, this one captures a sense of connection even as you turn away. It's a popular wedding pose that creates stunning framed photos.

17. The Peek-a-Boo Kiss

This playful and unique pose involves kissing your partner and then holding out your palm to block the camera lens. It's a fun way to add a touch of mystery to your photos.

18. Walking!

I said it once, I'll say it again. Walking side-by-side creates a sense of connection and allows the photographer to capture beautiful candid shots.

19. Golden Hour Stroll

Take advantage of the magical light during golden hour! Have a romantic stroll at sunset, in the forest, or through a field.

20. The Laughter Walk

Yes, the walk makes another appearance! It's truly a versatile pose that can create endless variations. This time, focus on laughing and talking while walking towards the camera. Share a funny story and let your genuine connection shine!

That's a wrap!

There are countless pose possibilities out there! The most important thing is to find what feels comfortable and natural for you as a couple. These are just a few of my favorites to get you started. Hopefully, this blog post has sparked some inspiration! For future clients, get ready to put some of these poses to the test!

Thanks for reading!

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