From Realtor Session to Surprise Proposal:

Capturing Jamie & Ryan's Unforgettable Weekend

It's not every day a lifestyle portrait session takes a heart-stopping turn into a surprise proposal! But then again, capturing love stories in all their unexpected forms is what makes my job so incredibly special. Let me tell you about the unforgettable weekend I shared with Sudbury's real estate star, Jamie-Lee Dahlvick.

Jamie-Lee, on the cusp of becoming a broker, contacted me for a lifestyle portrait session. The agenda? Fresh headshots and some social media-worthy lifestyle photos to celebrate her professional milestone. A straightforward shoot, or so I thought!

However, a day after the booking, my phone buzzed with a message from Jamie-Lee's boyfriend, Ryan. His voice crackled with nervous excitement as he revealed a secret plan: he was going to use this weekend getaway to Muskoka as the perfect backdrop for a surprise proposal! With me there to capture the magic, it was a chance to start their new chapter as a couple in the most romantic way imaginable. Of course, I immediately said yes, thrilled to be a part of this special moment.

The weekend began as planned, with Jamie-Lee and I focusing on creating some stunning lifestyle portraits. The Muskoka rental provided a breathtaking backdrop, and Jamie-Lee's professionalism and infectious energy shone through in every shot. Little did she know, another kind of magic was about to unfold.

As we transitioned into the next set of photos, I slyly suggested some cream and neutral tones for her outfit – the perfect blank canvas for a surprise engagement ring, of course! While Jamie-Lee changed, Ryan and I scouted the perfect location – the patio, with its open doors offering a blend of scenic beauty and cozy cabin charm.

Jamie-Lee emerged, her white sweater dress picture perfect. I positioned them on the patio, suggesting Jamie-Lee "look into the distance" for a few shots. This was my cue to Ryan – it was time! He took a deep breath, got down on one knee, and before I could even whisper for Jamie-Lee to turn around, she caught a glimpse of him and let out a surprised gasp, "What are you doing?"

The sheer shock on her face melted into pure joy as she giggled, a resounding "YES!" escaping her lips. Tears welled in their eyes as they embraced, the picture of pure, unadulterated love. We popped champagne, toasted to their new chapter, and captured the joy that radiated from them.

The rest of the session became a celebration of their engagement. We used the picturesque property as our canvas, capturing candid photos that documented their giddy excitement. It was a whirlwind of happy tears, laughter, and pure love.

The best part? This unforgettable weekend was just the beginning! Jamie-Lee and Ryan, overwhelmed with the experience, further entrusted me with capturing their wedding day. I can't wait to witness them say "I do" and document the next chapter in their beautiful love story.

Congratulations once again, you two! I'm so honoured to be a part of your journey.

LOCATION: @doropoint