Golden Hour Perfection

A Tale of a Golden Glow: Chelsea and Nicholas' Love Story in Photos

Picture this: a photographer named Bunny, chasing magical moments with her camera. In a world where memories are jewels, some shine brighter than others, like the day Chelsea and Nicholas stepped into a golden sunset for their engagement shoot. It was a saga of patience, perseverance, and a sprinkle of fairy-tale charm.

Chelsea and Nicholas wanted engagement photos in full golden hour, but nature had other plans. Clouds crashed our first attempts. So, when the weather forecast waved a clear sky flag, we pounced on the chance, praying for the sun to be on our team. And boy, was it on fire!

The day of the shoot turned winter on its head, gifting us with (surprising) warmth and a clear sky. As the sun dipped at Andersons Farm in Lively, Ontario, magic unfolded before my lens—a photographer's dream brought to life.

Chelsea and Nicholas arrived, bubbling with joy, perfectly mirroring the day's magic. Their love radiated through every frame, each look and laugh a testament to their bond.

As the sun dipped low, casting a warm glow over everything, we really got the money shots. Chelsea and Nicholas' session wasn't just about photos but a celebration of love—a reminder that good things come to those who wait.

Just a couple of my favourite shots:


I'm counting down the days to snap Chelsea and Nicholas's wedding!