Sunshine, Surprise Foliage & Bear Encounters:

Capturing Sara & Vince's Magical Wedding Day

September 24th, 2023 dawned bright and sunny, setting the stage for a truly magical celebration – Sara and Vince's wedding day! My adventure began at Sara's getting-ready location, where the atmosphere buzzed with excitement and lighthearted fun. Trivia games filled the air as Sara transformed into a radiant bride, her sweet dog, Archie, a constant furry companion by her side.

Over at the groom's place, a different kind of energy prevailed. The guys (and gal, Vinces twin sister) were taking a cheers shot, their excitement palpable as they prepped for the big day. After capturing some classic getting-ready photos, I zipped back to Sara for the finishing touches.

Then, it was time to pile into vehicles and head to Maple Hill Farms in Hammer. As we turned onto the property, a collective gasp resonated through the cars – the trees, unlike anywhere else in the city, were ablaze with vibrant fall colors! It was a breathtaking transformation, a truly magical surprise that nature had bestowed upon us.

The bride headed up to the loft area in the barn, where anticipation hung heavy in the air. While they waited, I snuck in some fun group shots of both the bridesmaids and grooms party separately, as Sara and Vince had opted for a traditional first look down the aisle.

The wait in the loft was punctuated by a particularly heartwarming moment – Sara's parents arriving for a tearful first look. The raw emotion, especially her dad's welling tears, brought a lump to my own throat. A beautiful reminder of the depth of love and connection woven into this day.

Time marched on, and we finally made our way down a sun-drenched path to the ceremony area. The ceremony itself was short and sweet, filled with love and promises, with the adorable Archie curiously observing the proceedings.

As the ceremony concluded, it was time for some celebratory mingling! During the cocktail hour, laughter filled the air as guests reconnected and enjoyed delicious snacks. We also capitalized on this golden opportunity to capture some fantastic full wedding party photos, everyone looking their best and radiating joy. And then came the party – the champagne toast! Vince, with a flourish that would make any professional proud, led the group in an epic champagne pop. The sound of a popping cork and cheers filled the air, a joyous prelude to the reception festivities.

Following the introductions of the wedding party into the reception tent, a fantastic meal was served by none other than the renowned Boy Gorgeous Catering.

But amidst the merriment, a touch of the unexpected emerged! During dinner, we spotted a bear outside the tent, sniffing curiously at the air. Now, while I'd love to say I captured this encounter on camera, the truth is, my focus was on ensuring our safety. Thankfully, the bear, perhaps intimidated by our boisterous celebration, quickly wandered off.

With the bear encounter behind us, we snuck away for some breathtaking sunset photos. The vibrant hues of the fall foliage provided a stunning backdrop, and a champagne pop added a touch of celebratory flair.

As the night wore on, a particularly heartwarming moment unfolded. Sara's grandma, defying her years and wielding her walker like a dance partner, took to the floor! Dancing out to "Party Rock Anthem," she raised her arms with the best of them. It was a funny, sweet moment that I know will be etched in their family's memory for years to come. "Remember when grandma...?" – absolutely, we all do!

The remainder of the evening was a whirlwind of laughter and dancing. This group truly let loose on the dance floor, their joy infectious! As the night drew to a close, I couldn't help but feel grateful for being a part of Sara and Vince's magical wedding day. A perfect fall celebration filled with sunshine, surprise foliage, and a touch of the wild – a day I'll never forget!