Emilia & Giuseppe: A Wedding Day Filled with Beauty, Bubbles, and (Maybe) a Goose?!

August 26th, 2023 – what a wedding day to remember! It all began at the hotel with Emilia, a radiant vision getting her makeup done. Champagne flowed, laughter filled the air, and her warmth shone as brightly as her smile. Capturing her slipping into her stunning white dress was pure magic.

Next, I zipped over to Giuseppe's house in the South End, where a relaxed vibe hung in the air. The guys, including Giuseppe, enjoyed a pre-ceremony drink and finishing touches. Their laid-back energy was a delightful contrast to Emilia's bubbly excitement.

The Ukrainian Church ceremony was a sight to behold – a beautiful tradition I never tire of witnessing. The unspoken communication between Emilia and Giuseppe throughout the service, filled with sweet glances and gentle touches, was truly heartwarming.

After the ceremony, it was photo time! These two are naturals in front of the camera, picture-perfect and effortlessly romantic. Emi's uncle even supplied us with a stunning vintage car for some elegant, movie-worthy shots. The creativity flowed!

Mallard's Landing provided more photo opportunities, but with a touch of unexpected wildlife! Let's just say a goose took a strong dislike to me, wanting to "square up" ...for real. Thankfully, laughter diffused the tension (and I avoided a watery exit!). After surviving the goose encounter, we continued capturing beautiful couple portraits before heading to the reception venue.

The Solarium at the Holiday Inn on Regent Street is a hidden gem! Huge windows bathed the space in light, while lush greenery and Amanda from Unforgettable Weddings skillful decorating added a touch of elegant whimsy. Pink and red accents complemented the space beautifully, and the floral arrangements were simply stunning.

Guests arrived, a delicious dinner was served, heartfelt speeches were made, and the dancing commenced. Emilia and Giuseppe's joy was infectious, making it a truly fun and memorable celebration.

As the night drew to a close, we took outside for the sparkler magic.. Following my usual safety spiel, the sparklers ignited, creating a dazzling tunnel of light as the happy couple ran through it. It's a moment I never get tired of capturing.

Back inside, the dancing continued, and the party spirit soared. What an amazing day it was!

Congratulations to Emilia and Giuseppe – may your love story continue to shine as brightly as your smiles on your wedding day!