Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

On a brisk, wind-whipped day in Northern Ontario, I had the absolute pleasure of capturing one of life’s most beautiful moments for Jessica and Matt: the announcement of their upcoming journey into parenthood! I’ve had the privilege of freezing time with my camera, encapsulating emotions, and crafting stories through imagery. However, this photoshoot was something truly special, a blend of love, anticipation, and joy, set against the historic building of the Bell Mansion (The Art Gallery of Sudbury).

Opting for a newspaper reveal was like sending a love note back in time, to an era where sharing such news was a big ol' party! It was quirky yet intimate, a blast from the past wrapped in love. They plan on framing it for their nursery, how sweet?!

Reflecting on the day with Jessica and Matt, it's not just about the beautiful pictures we made but the giggles cutting through the chill, their cozy love, and the tale we weaved with every snap. It wasn't just a photo session; it was a joy of bringing in new life, love, and the thrilling journeys awaiting. Snapping their baby news was a joy, a nudge to remember why I snap away.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the day!